what is the saturation points for bees/ha

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COLD? Well maybe a little nippy,the car is still covererd in ice and its starting to get dark soon so its not even going to thaw today.

Whats your temp today Ian?
cold, cold....oh yeah v cold -11 in the milking parlour tues night and sheet ice on the roads...that was a glorious evening
ooooooh just had a reply to my post on freecycle.....maybe this is the way forward...expect lots more q's regarding locations
Nice one Artibation,I love freecycle,I find if you talk about beekeeping they are very fast to reply to you.
yup yup Ad less than 2 hrs and no'ones even home from work yet

mind you my 2 posts asking for 'any beekeeping kit' got nowhere:)
Asking for beekeeping kit is a bit like asking for an old Austin healy sprite though.
lol admin i might just do that!

so far 6 replies...this is looking good

Admin: it's hot, the beers cold and the Tuna are biting:cheers2:

Before the hate mail starts I will stop this conversation though:boxing_smiley:

Arti I will suggest to some of our beginners that they try free cycle. Not thought of that before. Have you given any spec otherwise some may be offering the back garden of a semi.

Regards Ian
no i added no spec, and have the numbers of several people with semis:ack2:

people seem really intrigued by the idea though and i've had a great deal of interest so far. 8 emails and counting.

I'm going to write a pro-forma explaining what it would entail, using Bees at the Bottom of The Garden as a guideline. might post it here first for some ideas and suggestions.

A couple of them are possibilities though and i'll have to go for a drive.

I feel like a fifteen yr old on his first date

incidentally my dad kept 5 hives in the backgarden of a semi-detached over the road from us as kids. It went without a hitch until he moved out to an out apiary. But he's always been a lucky bugger!!!

Hope the holiday is going well ian, have a :cheers2: on us.
I am still looking for a Burco boiler to sterilise frames. Like hens teeth round here:ack2:
I am still looking for a Burco boiler to sterilise frames. Like hens teeth round here:ack2:

I was tracking them on Ebay during the summer but they seemed to get to around ?100 with shipping.
Hi Heather

Try a galvanized water tank large enough to take broods, frames are packed into broods and then the whole lot boiled with water and caustic. Get a big gas ring underneath.


Failing that bin them and buy seconds and get yourself a good steam wax melter.

Arti Nothing wrong with keeping bees in a semi AS LONG AS THEY ARE YOURS, MANY DO.
But some situations are just best avoided. As for a site car access right to the hives is great,and any site is best out of view of Joe public.

Regards Ian
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