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wanted Yorkshire honey

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I'm looking for East Yorkshire Honey


I'm having a wedding in Hertfordshire, but i'm Yorkshire born and bred. I want to add a bit of yorkshire to the wedding by giving minature honey pots to my guests as wedding favours. I would be looking for 50 pots.

If anyone knows where I could source these I would be most grateful.
This is the wrong time of year to ask.
Most people would have all the honey in 1lb or 1/2 lb jars and maybe sold there honey by now.
When are you getting married?
If you are getting married in late summer you may be OK.
My daughter too wants honey in small jars as favours for her weeding next year. Depending on when your wedding is I may be able to supply Yorkshire Honey in the size required.
I'm getting married on 23 July 2011 - can anyone help?