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Hmm, doesn't say what "anti varroa compounds" it uses, just compatible with a variety and a replaceable cartridge. Sounds a bit like it's filled with snake oil!
I did wonder myself if there would be a market for a device that would sequentially sublimate OA at intervals automatically, but decided "No" especially having seen how quick & easy the Instantvap is.
that's not very nice - he may be a reasonable human being.
constantly Pumping small doses of amitraz isn't going to assist resistance in mites is it? :rolleyes:
I'm naturally sceptical, but it is possible that another delivery mechanism eg fogging could be more effective & avoid the long tail-off of agent concentration which seems likely with strips & which you would expect to encourage resistance.
If so I'm still thinking a hand held fogger which could be moved between colonies would be more practical.
On a recent New York bee wellness webinar apparently Randy Oliver is advising these folks on using other substances.

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