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Queen Bee
Jul 15, 2009
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No work today,
The snow has come to stay.
No pay today,
Tomorrow?I'll have to pray
That most has gone away!

Can't play with bees
They're huddled from the freeze
Snow's up to the (dog's) knees

Etc, etc. Any sensible suggestions to finish it off?

I thought Lincolnshire schools would be tough, but they decided to close it around 8 o'clock, and I was well on my way by then, so I arrived just as the snow flurry was diminishing. And got the same lot further south as I came home. Ho-hum, try again tomrrow.

I s'pose it's a good job the Sun is still shining or it would be a lot worse. (that is for the 'out-of-the-box' thinkers)

and how it makes him sneeze-
Lets all go out and play

Trees here suffering - some pulled down by weight of the snow so extra hazard on roads. About 8" so far and still snowing lightly. Phew just managed to get the netting off the veg frame - but the weight of the snow has driven the centre pole about 6" into the ground- still, only slightly bent. Wish I had a memory:svengo: last bad snow all frames bent- cost me £600. I never learn :ack2:
Grand total here of one inch and thawing.

Bad hill in the village the gritters use to come down to get to the A500 to grit and they haven't gritted the hill..... go figure that one.

I drove down to Dorset yesterday to work, arrived about lunchtime, scanned a load of sheep, stayed overnight (no snow) scanned a load of cows, then a load more sheep - snowing now, came home, got back 6.30ish, missed it all, plenty to see. Roads were on them. :)


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