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My garden colony with a two year old Q has now started S/S ( this is my 200lbs + honey extracted colony so far) , the one five day cell I found last week I took down to see what occurs and yesterday found two more both 6/7days old. One at the bottom off center and one on another frame in the gap between comb and side bar, I have left the Q in situ as clipped and will go back in on day 14 of the process to leave just the one marked cell. There is always a remote chance of a late swarm with a VQ if more then one is left to go full term.

If you remove the Q then they will panic and multiple EQC's will appear, one i sbette rdealing with just a few or < then 3 or 4 cells then a whole rash of cells all ove the place. If not in the habit of clipping then it is a worthwhile back up plan shoud they try and swarm, you will either find the old Q and bees nearby or they may walk back to form a cluster under the hive floor. If it rains soon afte rthe cluster forms on the ground then you may lose them altogether.

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