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Mar 1, 2009
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Where would you get metal for a hive roof. What type of metal is it and what grade is it?

Busy Bee
Scrounge some used ally printing plates from your friendly local printer for free or a stack for a small beer coupon...... it's what I did, roofed my TBH and my shed with 'em!

I am using 0.9mm thick aluminium. Comes in a variety of sizes, I brought the 2.5m by 1.25m piece and it cost £67.50 delivered. You have to cut and shape yourself, but aluminium is easy to work.
Sheet is perfect size for 8 roofs, cost per roof £8.43
I have used the aluminium from old caravans before and it is cheaper from the scrap yard this way, but I find the sharp edges and cleaning a pain.

the metal was ordered from
Use fabric instead of metal

If you use the breathable fabric that they put underneath house slates you can save a lot of weight. I have used builders DPM (damp proof membrane) as a plastic covering for wooden nucleus roofs, just cut , fold and staple.

The printers aluminium plates sounds like the best of all worlds - free, recycled and heat reflective - not sure how many printers still use plates these days.
Wickes sell shed roofing fabric for approx £10 per roll. Easy to fit. I have used it on quail cages and so far it has lasted 4 years.

I have also used aluminium sheet but roof fabric is lighter and far easier to handle...
:RE old washing machine metal

I recycled the aluminium of my old fridge. Dangerous lark though, free metal but 5 stitches in thumb after levering out pop rivets.

Great scar! :iamwithstupid
due to magpie air raid I now have a torch on felt roof, bees seem quite happy :sifone::D:D
5 stitches in thumb after levering out pop rivets

Use a drill or or knock heads off with a good sharp cold chisel.

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