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Nov 24, 2008
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Gloucestershire uk
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If you bought nucs with Australian queens from me Easybee products.
Please feel free to state your case. Good or Bad For or Against .

Its the bees I want to know about!! nothing else So try to keep to the subject PLEASE
all the best mike

I pick up my working hive from Mike on Wed. 24th. Put in position and left it alone till yesterday for my first inspection (about 10 days as advised by Mike). Frames were as follows: 1 feeder frame (removed and added a frame with foundation), 2 and 3 frames still being drawn, 4 arc of store, pollens (few), new eggs and young larvae, 5-9 full of brood at various stages, and 10 was full of uncapped honey.

Queen was marked green (with 08 on it). Used little smoke and all bees were incredibly quite and docile. Added shallow super with 11 frames with foundation. Did not add queen excluder to encourage bees to move up.

I am planning to leave for few days and check the super and add the queen excluder. I will be able to evaluate it better from now on during the periodical inspections.

Very happy with the overall performance, particularly that of the queen.

Hello Mike,

many thanks for my 2 colonys and nucs this year - there are placid well behaved and hard working. Still desease free - crossed fingers.

I thought the price was very reasonable - up to £45 less than other places.

More importantly the advisee thorough 'phone calls and e-mails is appreciated .. I'll be back for some next year!

Raise your own queens it's easy.

why jump on to a thread that has nothing to do with raising your own queens with that comment Bcrazy?

I know that raising queens is relatively easy, I have produced hundreds of them.

But the odd thing is to raise Queens one has to have bees. That my friend is the problem in England.

Mike I am still watching them and will report later.

Mike - I purchased a nuc from Blue Bell Hill Apiaries which you supplied, do you want feedback about this nuc (I have no idea if it had an Australian queen!).

We collected one nuc from you at the end of June. The queen has a bright green dot, numbered 27. The bees are docile, well behaved, have expanded well, and are putting away stores like mad.

You sent another nuc to us while we were on holiday (!) - end of July. These bees were fine to start with, but now they have expanded, they are very bad tempered. They pour out of the hive during inspections, sting everything, and follow/chase. We are on the point of re-queening. This queen had a white dot, no number.
Info requested re: bees on 06-07-09

Hi mikethebee

I have just seen your thread on bee keeping forum and recognised the name.

I ordered 2 5 frame nuc on 25-04-09 (order 718) but didn't collect it until 20th June 2009.

Info re: bees:

I hived the nuc the same night and followed your instructions to the letter. Within 10 days the hive had swarmed and I had to get a new hive and split it (hive 1 = original hive, hive 2 = swarmed hive). Within 14 days the marked queen (green, I cannot recall the number) in hive 1 was dead on the floor o/s the hive.
Hive 2 was attacked by wasps in late July 2009, seemed to recover ok but was dead by late August 2009. The brood was blackened, there were and the adult bees had died where they stood. Hive 1 seemed ok but was not very productive and did not move off the original nuc frames. Hive 1 died suddenly in late Sept 2009 in the same circumstances as Hive 2. I put the losses down to newbee error, maybe I should have contacted you / forum members for advice. I was devastated so I burned all the dead bees, wax and frames. I blowtorched and treated both hives with acetic acid.
I have made arrangements to re-start my beekeeping this year (hence my return to the forum). I am now concerned that there may have been a disease within the nuc that would require complete disposal of my two hives. Can you confirm that the steps I have taken are sufficient and if not let me know to dispose of my hives asap before I infect two other nucs.
Thanks in anticipation.
Mike is a banned member(spamming).
It would be better to contact him direct.

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