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Is there a charge now for the software?

Sphex,you have not logged in for 4 months yet it looks like you have an email subscribtion for any reply's to this thread,a member replied yesterday and up you pop today with a reply.

Yes, as far as I'm aware I have an email sub for all threads I've commented in. Monsieur Abeille is spot on as regards costs. Same as it's always been.
No charge for the software per se, but if you're a saddo like me, comfort from the (payable) app so you can add the details on your phone before you've forgotten what happened in all the excitement maybe worthwhile. Hopefully it helps the bees too, as you don't have to look again so often.

Why on earth I can't rely on a pen and paper is beyond me, but I have to keep the phone on me or I cop it from the Mrs.

...Perhaps I should stop saying 'I'm off to see the girls...'

(Another annoying phrase but I think that's already the subject of another post!) :svengo:

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