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Busy Bee

House Bee
Mar 1, 2009
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N. Ireland
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Hi All,

If I make a nuc up with a queen cell and it hatchs out a virgin queen.

Can this virgin queen be removed and be replaced with a fully mated queen. If this is possible how can it be done and what % are the risks of the bees killing the new mated queen?

Busy Bee problem at all,find the virgin and stick her in a cage in the visit swap her for a mated queen,then let the bee's eat her out of the cage.
Excellent thats nice and simply no trouble at all. Can this be done with a large colony without any trouble or would it be better to put in 2 capped brood with the virgin caged between new brood frames to be replaced with new mated queen?

Busy Bee

P.S. I hit pot luck today I found a virgin queen in a double brood packed with bees today.

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