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May 4, 2010
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Hello all,

I'm a new member here, and don't actually have any bees (yet). I have a quick question about the size of hives as I'm having a shed built at the weekend and want to leave space for some. I understand a sheltered position is best, so want to position them between my shed and the fence to protect from the weather. However, I guess I'll also need space to work with them. How much space should I leave? And is this a good idea?

Many thanks,

Hi Neil,

Welcome to the forum :hurray:

The National hives are approx 0.5m x 0.5m and can go over 2m high if you get a good flow :cheers2:

You will need space to remove the roof and place it on the ground to take the supers whilst you work the broodbox. I would say give yourself 1.3m x 1.3m minimum to work comfortably for 1 hive. You work the hive from the back (opposite the entrance) or one side depending on how you have the frames arranged inside the hive. You could face the hive into the fence so the bees have to go up to get over it. Something to think about if you have near neighbours.

2 hives won't take double the room.

Bees don't mind where they are sited but if you can give them some shelter from prevailing winds and some sunshine in the morning then they will be fine.
Hiya. I have done the same as you but with a greenhouse and a shed. The gap between the two is only about 4ft and i find that i can easily work with that. I only have one hive in that space and i don't think it would work easily with two.
You need enough space for the bees still to be able to fly in and out of the front (you don't want to be in their way) and enough room on the floor to be able to put the roof down flat, the supers down flat, maybe another super that you are planning on putting on top for honey, the smoker when alight can blow in your face so have somewhere where its close to hand but not right under your nose. And also if you have someone watching one day you want room for you both to move around without tripping over supers/roofs etc.
Hope that help but i am also a newbee so i am sure the more experienced on here can give better advice. :)

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