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Oct 29, 2013
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Hi all

I had a successful queen mating in a couple of mini nucs.

One nuc built out comb in the frames perfectly and I moved those bees and the queen to a poly nuc of drawn comb and she's laying away like a trooper.

The other managed to get the other side of the feeder excluder and I only noticed her when emptying out the presumed failed nuc (they only had space to draw a couple of cells above the fondant in there so only a few bees left.

That queen was marked and taken off to requeen another colony.

So left with some bees from failed nuc and three frames of sealed and hatching brood I took a punt and combined them all into one mini nuc and picked up a virgin from Northumberland honey.

She arrived today and I've popped the cage in the nuc with the combined bees. (I combined them a couple of days ago to give them time to adjust. )

Standing at the end of the garden I can hear a queen piping away in the mating nuc.

Soy question is would a queen pipe even if she's on her own in the hive or is this an indication I've somehow missed another queen?