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Mar 30, 2011
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Decided to go for a spin to the Pembrokeshire BKA auction today (not to buy anything mind you!)
Interesting prices, and quite a few people walked away with a bargain - and quite a few mugs paid stupid money for rubbish.
Thirty lots of bees and no really high prices - bees on frames started with £145 and £155 paid for an eight and seven frame nuc respectively - the first with 6 frames of brood, the second seven, four very strong brood and a halfs went for £180 to £200, then prices dropped a little with hives with between 7 and 9 frames of BIAS going for £125 to £170.finishing off with 'lively' colonies going for £70/80 (all with at least 9 frames BIAS
Bees being sold with hives were cheaper! at around £110 to £130 (with half filled honey supers!) with one going for £70 (touch of chalk brood) I can tell you my bidding finger twitched quite a few times!
Highlight of the day though was watching the bidding go bonkers on a manky old galvanised 4 frame radial extractor, the bloke next to me was laughing like a drain and when I commented on the fact it was a very expensive garden ornament (hammer fell at £130.00) he confessed it was his lot - as a newbie naiively bought it last year for a few quid not realising he couldn't sell any honey extracted with it, he was hoping to get a few quid back today towards a new extrector, two lots further on he bought a nice clean PVC extractor for fourty quid!!!!
And me? well I held on until the end for an old bee book I'd fancied and was beaten by a little old lady who was determined to have it (it was getting a little pricey, even for a 1912 first edition) but though I'd try and get one of the three rather nice frame exhibiting cases on offer (I've got one, but a second would be handy in the Royal Welsh) Noone bid for the first one, so the auctioneer accepted my cheeky £5.00 offer, then I got the next two for the same price! three very nice frame display cases (with glass) for fifteen quid.

Teifiside auction next week :hurray: although I'll have to outsmart MBC and the AMM taliban! :D
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Those were nice display cases... and that was my extractor! I did not expect to come home from an auction in profit.
Teifiside auction next week :hurray: although I'll have to outsmart MBC and the AMM taliban! :D

Looking forward to meeting this AMM taliban, though it might only exist in your head Jenkins and refer to lonely old me :nopity:

no, it's the week after PBKA - more or less the same people go to both

The Cardies sale generally attracts lower prices than achieved by the Pembrokeshire Squirearchy, many of whom shun the Teifiside in favour of the long road trip to Gloucester.
I enjoyed the PBKA sale and was actually relieved that the price of bees was so high considering the lack of winter losses and the large number of bees for sale. I spent far too much time chatting and too little time bidding to come away with a truck full though, just a couple of supers to clean up and some nice framed excluders that went cheap. I didnt spot the boertrekker :paparazzi:
Exactly what I was thinking. I could not believe some of the drift-wood (heavily propolised and rotten) that was being sold as 'supers'.

I was hoping for some nice nuke boxes, but nothing caught my eye.
I'm probably looking in all the wrong places, but do you have all the details for the Teifiside? Location, auction start? I've tried looking on t'internet, but they don't seem to have a web page.
Just found it: Saturday may 10th 2014 Teifiside annual bee sale. Bees on combs, new and secondhand equipment. Held at Coed y Bryn village hall SA44 5LQ viewing from 10.00 a.m. Sale starts at 1.00 p.m. refreshments available. enquiries to Mike Hoyes (Chairman) Tel: 01239 851011. I hope that information is correct, as the source got the information about today's auction wrong.
Yup, that's the one - see you both there next Saturday - I'll be the one with the tan!

I enjoyed the PBKA sale and was actually relieved that the price of bees was so high

Prices more sensible than lat year though - 'Full hives' with nowt but four or five frames brood nearing £200.00 and weakish nucs well over £100
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