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Nucs for sale in Essex

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essex paul

New Bee
May 27, 2010
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uk essex
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20 full and up to 20 nucs
i'm still left with 3 five frame nucs, after continually being let down by a long distance buyer. If they are not sold this week they will be going into brood boxes. If interested please call Paul 07837021955
Just a quick note for all your assistance in supplying a nuc and for all your advice. Since transferring to the hive, they are going well. Inspected the hive today, building onto new frames quickly amd queen doing well.
All the best
Welcome to the forum Terry,and thanks for givivg feedback.
It always helps other buyers when hearing how others are getting on that purchased Nuc's.
Good Morning Terry,

your more than welcome, sorry i couldn't spend more time with you as you turned up during the football. Don't forget if you require any assistance at all please don't hesitate to contact me. you are always welcome to come to the apiary.

kind regards
I have now bought a few nucs and hives from Paul and although I'm very new to bee keeping everyone who has seen my bees, that's in the know, says how good they are. Paul has been very helpful on the phone and also spent a lot of time teaching me. His prices are very good.

Thanks Paul for all the help

Pete, a very happy customer ( I hope this is the right Essex Paul :O) )
hi pete,dident know you was on the forum good luck with the bees rember im just a phone call away

Just thought I would add that I purchased a NUC from Paul a couple of weeks ago and I've never met someone so helpful and friendly. Managed to see several Hives and everything was explained so clearly I thought I must be missing something as I actually understood it all!
Bees are thriving and the confidence Paul instilled in me has aided me in my dealings with the Bees.
If anyone is thinking of buying the NUC's from Paul they will get more than just the Bees, they will get access to a man who is very knowledgeable and easy going.

Thanks Paul for your time and the Bees.


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