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Jul 28, 2008
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Hampshire uk
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After a couple of requests I have added this forum for chat about beekeeping diy, tools/plans and construction.
Hi Assume it can alsoe relate to the likes for DIY solar extractors, honey extractors, warming cabinetes etec etc. and not just hives?

Maybe the title is a bit restrictive?
Just noticed that after you pointed it out,that's what happens when doing stuff late at night,I will change it.

Can someone give me a good forum description to use please?
i have the usual amount of bee hive plans but has anyone put a glass window in the side of an ordinary brood box to look in, i realise it wants covering up but would it work and do you have it warm or cold way, no i dont want an observation hive but i like the idea of machining a window into one of the brood boxes for the kids to look in i have also been looking into the idea of a perspex brood box and super, again has anyone seen or tried this idea
Thornes were selling perspex national sides with biulit in covers so they could be kept closed when you weren't looking at them last year. Idea was you bought one and biult it into your hive.
I cannot see the benefit of this gimmick.

What are you going to see if it is side on to an end frame but stores or pollen and if placed so the frames are end on to it then what use is there in peering at end bars.

Same goes for a glass CB.

Make up an ob hive and have a proper job and for goodness sake mark the queen. In Tasmania I was in one of the best setups I have ever seen for selling honey and the one let down was the ob hive and an unmarked Q.

it looks as if your right poly hive it is just i get a lot of kids and other allotment growers wanting to have a look but i did not want to have a ob hive i would rather have my queen working flat out in a 12 x 14 brood, but i do belive that it by keeping good relations and pr work that where i live we will start to see an emprovement in the flowers avalible and just general improvements
heres something i have been working on last weekend i have several areas of rough land at the allotment and i will dig them out to put the soil from them on my raised beds but after spending several mind numbing hours sieving the stones and glass lumps out of the soil i have built this baby, its great it only cost fours hours of time and five quid for the screws and mesh. i will later on upload a video View attachment 512on you tube where you can see it in action which is brilliant
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Hi Pete

Is that a generator I see in the bottom right of the picture?

I assume you are going to be a man and put a f*ck off big motor on the end of that shaft to power it all?:cheers2:

none of this messing about turning it by hand!:spam:

or even better still bin the generator and just couple up the engine direct, but then build in some kind of conveyor feed to it all, and while you are att it add some drive wheels and a seat so you can drive around you allotment power screening.

But if you get this far you might as well, combine it with a rotovation/ploughing action, so you just need to incude a power drill for seeds.

Or has this been allreaady invented i.e a tractor?:patriot: