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Aug 5, 2009
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Near Andover Hampshire
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Opinions please!






It is a prototype so if done again it would be neater with a couple of minor detail changes.
Let us into the secret of how it works , how it's assembled to stop bees ending up in the vacuum cleaner !

John Wilkinson
Let us into the secret of how it works , how it's assembled to stop bees ending up in the vacuum cleaner !

John Wilkinson

Takes a bit of looking at but I see the concept.

Looks neat, would be interesting to hear how it performs.
Basic concept is, the inner box with all the holes/mesh fits inside the outer box. This inner box has the inch clear tube for hoovering the bees, bees are contained within the inner box.

Outer box has vaccum plugged in, and creates vacuum by drawing air through the holes/mesh in the inner box and through the clear tube.
Outer box has adjustable slider to regulate vacuum pressure so bees are still alive after being hoovered.

If bees become too much in inner box, there is a sliding floor on the bottom of inner box to allow easy decanting of bees into another container.

I have seen other designs where hives are used, but i felt i needed a more compact unit to get into lofts and other awkward places etc

This is as yet untried as i only got my special plastic tube today, plus nothing is swarming or doing much here at the moment cause of the crappy weather, but i will post results as and when....
Looks very nice.

Can I ask what adjustments you would of made if you make another one?

Observation window to check its not over crowded when collecting a very large swarm.?
I would redesign (tidy up) the bottom sliding tray on the inner box.

Observation can be accessed by sliding the inner box out and looking through the vents, you could pop some perspex on the top of both boxes i suppose, but this realy has been designed to bump and bang through loft hatches etc.

It is a prototype as such, so if i were to build another i would just basicly tidy it up!
Looks good well made the only thing I can see is how the timber reacts when it all starts to shrink slightly apart from that good job.

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