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Nov 10, 2008
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Maesteg South Wales
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Thought i would show you what i did with the pallets.
I can fit 2 hives per stand with space in the middle to put frames or even a nuc.
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Nice Job Veg, thats a tidy Stand.
Thats the tidy end of the garage lol. The other end is full of bee hive parts.
I drop my frame into a suitable sized box (should the queen be on there she can't drop in the grass!).
I'm sure you could cobble up such a box which would fit in between rails with room to insert a frame or two ?.
Mine sits on top but will be strapped to the hive stand. Didnt put a rebate as i thought it would hold water.
There you go it got lost when the site went down.
Wow you need a chain to keep the lid on your hive!! wouldn't want to meet your bees. :D

Just kidding, nice job on the stand.
The strap is to stop any kids from pushing the hive over and then running off. It takes me a few minutes to undo when suited up.

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