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Oct 27, 2019
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Milton Keynes
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Hello! I'm aware this is not in the wanted/selling section, however there is only sections for equipment and bee sales so I thought this would be the best place to post.

I am a managing director for a school-based start up company that is partnered with the Young Enterprise program. My team and I are a small group of year 12's looking to make an environmentally friendly, charitable product.

We are looking to make candles from tin cans we received back from food we donated to our local charities. However, we would also like to help benefit our local beekeepers and surrounding markets by purchasing ethically sourced beeswax to make our candles. Doing so, we hope to reduce the amount of carbon we produce from having to order paraffin wax from abroad as that is our only other option.

If you are a beekeeper in Milton Keynes or the surrounding area, we are interested in buying around 20KG in total of wax, but smaller quantities of 5-10KG is also what we are looking for. However, we have a limit of £80 for our wax as we are only a start-up company of teenagers and have to raise all the funds beforehand. We understand that bees wax is expensive, but we're mainly looking for hobby bee-keepers who would like to get some money for wax they do not use or need.

If you are interested, please message below!

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