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You are too clever Jim! Yes it is! the children said I couldn't possibly post it, but I said I had to as I had promised, but that it was only going to be there a day. Took photo of snowdrops and part of my finger in the park this morning to replace it. Occasional Bee suit would be Ok for someone to wear with a think fleece underneath, as modelled, or better still under a fleece, which would be more attractive.

I am talking to Thornes about them overcharging me and also about sending me stuff that doesn't fit, because it is not Langstroth like I ordered.
the budget hives are pine/deal tho veg and these are cedar id go for this every tine just for timber quality

Hi there the bees on a budget hives are cedar. My friend bought two hives before christmas. Good value for what you get.

From the thornes website
Package One ? The Hive
A complete, flat packed, National Hive. Made from home grown Cedar from sustainable forests. Timber may have solid live knots. All frames are second quality and made predominantly from Russian Redwood. Full instructions for assembly and all nails and glue are supplied.
I am looking for more frames for my Langstroth supers. They look cheap @?34.50 for 50 (seconds).

I don't understand whether it would be better to get:
A) langstroth shallow
B) Manley 1 5/8"
or C) Manley 1 3/4"

What are the differences?I would want ones that self space. Please advise.

I am a fan of Manley super frames. easy spacing, and easy knife uncapping. I assume that the 1 5/8" amd 1 3/4" refer to the side bars- I am on Mod Dadant, and from memory, there is only one size available.

I have just bought a paint stripper for uncapping. I was told that it is the way forward, and capping wax just beads off, so we will see if I continue with Manley frames.
Dear god I didn't know there are two sizes of Manley side bars.

Mine are 1 and five eighths, I just went out and measured. that is what I have always used.

Hot air gun... I am not a fan. Never used it, never will and for a very good reason which is completely over looked by the enthusiasts for them. ;)

Never used it, never will and for a very good reason which is completely over looked by the enthusiasts for them. ;)

Which begs the question .... why?

Don't rise to the bait, PH is always doing that... he is a terrible tease.