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Sep 17, 2010
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My hive is situated in a corner of my garden bordering the neighbours. The neighbour has a tree in his garden which seems to have grown at a tremendous rate this year! Due to this now that the sun has gone lower in the sky, my hive is in shadow for a greater portion of the day. I am a little concerned about the damp conditions that could be produced.
As its now to late in the year to move location how would the bees view a vertical move onto a platform (scaffold) of say five feet? Would the three feet rule still apply?
Any advice greatly received.
whilst moving the hive up would solve the problem this year it wont be any good for next year so its time to think where to move the hive to else where out of the trees shadow.

:reddevil: or just make the tree smaller, a quick clipping or a bucket of weed killer??? :reddevil:
Could you safely work a hive that is so how up? Remember bees can fly and you can't!!
Ask him to trim his tree because it is blocking your light...

or buy a gallon of strong bleach....:sifone:
If you've got somewhere to move the hive I'd wait for a long cold spell and move them then.
if you want a fir tree to die , all by its self try hammering a handfull of copper nails into it or exspose a root in your garden and then copper nail it.

as for bees at hieght, i used to know one gentleman that when he had to give up his allotment took his bee hives home with him, to the 12th floor of a block of flats near fort dunlop. aparently they never minded the flight home and did quite well
Thanks for the suggestions guys.
I had thought about moving them once the cold weather sets in, in the meantime they need looking after and I can best do that close to home.
I think I can handle them on a platform during the winter when there isn't a lot of fetching and carrying to do!
I should really have forseen the problem and dealt with it earlier!

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