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Mar 3, 2010
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Hi there,

I don't yet keep bees, but have been researching the practicalities of it and looking into courses. Unfortunately, a lot of the courses near me are fully booked and the earliest I can attend one is June.

I was wondering if anyone knows of any apiaries are in SE London that I could visit in the meantime to get a little close-up experience?

Thanks very much,

Hi Kate - try looking up your local bee keepers association. They often have apiaries/meetings/study days and it is a good way of networking and learning.

We often have people coming from out of area. The outdoor meetings usually don't start until the warmer weather in April and, read, read, read!

Try GandalfWhiteWizard or Widdershins on this forum (PM them). They run familiarisation courses and 1-day taster sessions and they have spaces way before June. They're in Kent, so shouldn't be too far away.

A number of members here have attended days with them and would probably give them the up-thumb of approval - I have and would.

Hi, thanks for your suggestions. There's a meeting in a couple of weeks at the LBKA so I'll definitely go along.

I'll also PM those 2 members as it would be great to get started soon! :)
Hi Beezy

Google Black Horse Apiaries, you will find them in Woking. A Practical course starts in April and there is also a one off Meet The Bee Day.

Regards Ian

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