Help needed on supercedure (soon)

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Jan 7, 2009
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near Stockbridge, Hants
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I have what I hope is a very quick question.

I have a queen that is superceding. About 2 weeks ago I artificially swarmed the colony. Last weekend I noticed 2 charged cells with the original queen. I destroyed them but did not artificially swarm them as I had done that once already. Today I opened the colony again and found 1 open, charged queen cell about 1/2 up a frame. I saw the queen and eggs.

I am 99% positive she is being superceded.

My question is how should I manage this?

I could:

1) Leave them to it.

2) Remove the old queen to another queenless colony and then let the queen emerge.

3) As 2 but put the queen in a temporary nuc until the new queen is laying and then
recombine and cull the old queen.

4) Something else.
They could be getting ready to swarm again. If you read through the various posts a lot of people including myself did AS only to have them swarm a few days later.
Either 2 or 3 would work or an Apidea for a short length of time. If 2or 3 give a little amount of brood as well.
Option 2 looks good Eddie, if this is the prolific one you mentioned in a previous post, might be worth seeing how she does heading up another colony.

Her replacement may well be just as good.
How old is the current queen?

If you want to get rid of the old queen in the end, im sure BCrazy would rather you send her to him, just letting you know.