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heather honey with package bees

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Nov 24, 2008
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Gloucestershire uk
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We will be uniting existing colonies with a package of bees (no queen) on the moors for a max crop of ling heather “No bees no honey no money” .

Packages consist of 3half pound bees and queen; see the boys filling up the brood box on site, read the reviews.
video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciIdaUprB6s
We will have a few more package bees with queens for sale after the 12 JUNE £98.0 plus £10 After two weeks if the crate and box’s are returned £10 refund 2 weeks from collection only.
all the best mike www.easybeeproducts.co.uk
Does this mean that the deposit's taken from me earlier this year for the supply of 2 Nuc's , for which i have had no contact from you...can be redeemed against your package bees?? or have i lost my two deposits altogether !!
Hi JACK thank you for your post! we had bees returned dead in transit too hot nucs collapsed in heat and bad handling this put all deliverys back

You can pick up if you ring up 07971 806670 give your collecting date and time to get booked in. Your delivery moneys will be returned
If you are not happy with this,
Request your money back and I will gladly return your chq in full.
All the best mike