Have i killed the Queen ?

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May 13, 2019
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I think i may have made a very big mistake with being in too much of a rush. I have a Q- hive that i know is a definate. Today i united via the newspaper method with a spare laying older queen that i had in a 6 frame nuc with eggs and some cap brood. However in the Q- hive i did see a lot of new Queen Cells and few capped. I was taking several down ,but before i could finish i was called away on an emergency and just had to leave them with the laying Queen in the top box. I may be able to go back later but am thinking this will be too late ,I did manage to give them a good blast of air freshner and had to just leave them. What should i do ?
I’d go back and ensure you’ve removed all queen cells in the qless section.
Leaving them with developed cells can cause issues. They may rip down when united but it’s a chance I would not take unnecessarily.
Thanks Ian,managed to get back to the said hive ,Bees were not very happy but thats understandable. Destroyed all Q cells i could find ,another blast of Air Freshener and ill leave em now for a few days see what happens.