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Tom Bick 

Went fishing yesterday first of six this one easy rear of the workshop it may be interesting or it may be a whole lot of trouble


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Oct 1, 2009
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London N10
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herer is my bait hive made from a reclaimed old pine floor board Brood box, solid floor screwed on, and flat ply screwed on roof with feed hole. it is about to go on my garage roof

the feed hole is a 30mm and it takes a standard bottle top, see my other photo of a nuc crownboard.and bottle feeder..i use 500ml, 1ltr bottles to feed with the cap drilled ( 2ltr bottle are not stiif enough and leak through the feed holes)

If i catch one, and Big If this year, then i will feed for a week after the first 3 days with my standard 1:1 sugar solution ,with two drop per litre of lemon grass oil and 5 drops of manuka oil/tea tree oil, 0.5 grams of magnesium vitamin C all disolved in half a tea spoon of gin ( otherwise the oil seperates out)
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