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Mar 27, 2010
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colchester, essex
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hi all
im just starting out and have heard of a book that is good to carry with you when visiting your hives, is it the beekeepers field guide by david cramp.not got bees yet but want to read up on beekeeping and get on a course this year ready for next spring.
Have not read that book but his others are very easy to read and things are explained in a simple manner.
i have that book, its a handy little one to carry with you. a bit like at the hive entrance.
and as VEG has said he has written some good books, 'a practical manual of beekeeping' being one of them.
Hi Barry,
As a new beekeeper both of David Cramps books are well worth the buy. The field guide is a super little book that a beginner would do well to keep in their pocket during the first couple of seasons. I've used it for years and even now still flick through it once in a while.
Best of luck in your new venture.

I got Ted Hooper's book last year, but I found some of the explanations totally impenetrable. My wife bought me The "Practical Manual of Beekeeping" for Xmas and it seems to me a lot clearer in some areas. Or maybe, it's just slowly sinking in!
Six Footer I thought exactly the same when I read them winter 2008. Read Cramp, went back to Hooper and it all made much more sense, Hooper assumed a base knowledge I didn't have.

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