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Feb 28, 2010
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stourbridge , westmidlands
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any tips
we bought a cheap 3 frame extracter but not too impressed with the quality

what is the best way to extraxt the honey , bear in mind this is our 1st attempt , how much of the wax do you need to scrape off etc ,

basically i need some tips advice lol:cheers2:

have been trying to extract 3 frames and it is a very slow process:eek:
3 frames will be slow - but fruitful -and its accademic, it's all you have this time round! A good even de-cap is esential, my prefered route is a hot air-gun, maximises yield, minimises mess (and so easy to see when you have melted back to the side wall).

You dont say whether you have a tangential or a radial? Your approach will vary depnding. If its tangental then sorry it will be slow as you remove and switch frame sides twice during each cycle. One further tip though, even if you have a radial, depending on how much latteral movement you get on the frames one side can fail to extract fully. Run your extractor left at 70% power (even if its hand operated), right 100% power then left again 100% for maximum extraction with minimal risk of comb damage. Slightly longer but then it is really the loading / unloading phases which take most time.

Make sure you are double filtering as you remove honey from the extractor and watch the honey level, if it get to the bottom of the frames then you are in a right mess.

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