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Nov 29, 2008
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Crawley, W,Sussex. uk
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I got 10 grams of Ivory wax dye from Thorne.
Came with no instructions.
But found some on the web.
They say use 1g of dye for 100g of Wax.
I used 200g of wax and have used over half the 10g of dye and there is no change in colour at all????

Can you not change the natural colour of beeswax?

Also should the Ivory wax dye looks natural colour???
Just guessing here, but from past experience of using dyes for other things you would have to bleach the wax first to make it lighter than the colour you want to use, think about it this way, you can't dye a red cloth white, you have to bleach it, not sure how you would go about bleaching wax though, sorry I can't really help you.
I was thinking the same thing.
But as this dye meant to turn the wax white, I thought it was like bleaching it.
Shoot Thornes an email and ask them how they dye their coloured foundation sheets.
I would not use the term dye here.

Subtle difference, but I would call it colouring, technically.

Improper use of the English language, I fear. Like a cell bing called a battery.

You don't dye icing for a cake and this process would be little different in concept, as far as I can see.

Or is/are there other chemical(s) involved, like mordant, fixer?

Regards, RAB
I phoned Thorne and Ivory Wax dye only makes the wax lighter.
They said they don't make Ivory wax sheet.
They order it in.
I wounder where they buy it from?

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