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Nov 24, 2008
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Gloucestershire uk
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Hey Mike, Terry said to me earlier if you want to keep asking for all
this information he's going to start charging you!!

The Bee's are Italian which he stocks from Italy and Ben says they are
the older breed of them which are rare to come by. He also has
buckfast which he gets from somewhere around Germany, I cant remember.

I asked Ben if he could export Bee's to the UK but they wont allow it
due to the Hive Beetle they have over here, pain in the ass they crawl
up your arms allot when your lifting frames and get everywhare

Like I said in my prevous email, they dont really feed the bees at all.
Ben said the only reason he fed them his Vitamin mixture the other day
was because honey production was down on his cell builder site.

Recently its been working on the nuc's queen catching, topping up the
bee's and putting in queen cells but some days we have been taking off
honey and putting supers or putting clearer boards on. Other days we
will be going through boxes examening them getting them up to spec,
swapping frames over to build them up for queenless boxes etc. I Still
need to go back to a site we did the other day and get some new queens
put in!

Some of the nuc's we went through earlier had signs of AFB so we had
to seperate them from the rest. Ben was telling me about this disease,
they have a whole site that is infected with it and quarenteend.
Aparently Terry bought them thinking they were fine but the previous
keeper had used some sort of Antibiotic to hide the signs of AFB. Ben
said they have to treat it nucular to get rid of them!
I told him you would burn the lot and not mess around
he said that is because I did not understand how to medicate.

Also we have been working on the cell builder site putting the grafted
cells into the starter (queenless) boxes then advancing them (after
re-arranging all the unaccepted cells) into the cell builder boxes. We
also have to lift brood into the top boxes every week either side of
the queen cells to entise the bee's up to feed the young larvi aswel
as the cells at the same time just the same as we do but hell of a lot more

Today we were making up nuc's, 2 brood 1 honey and 1 foundation
(plastic). Been raining today so they were quite pissy! Dragged a bit
today thunder storms and everything.

Erm he has about 14 people that I have seen working for him, around 10
of which are bee keepers and he has the lorry drivers and warehouse

I sleep on a bed in a small room in a house shared with 3 other bee
keepers. Theres another 2 houses over the road and local blokes go
home. Alan Hart (the older english bloke) has the one house to himself
at the moment (the nice house too!) but I think there is another bloke
coming to join him, no doubt you and your Mark will be staying in that house too.
Ben also said there are some women bee keepers coming and they have to
stay in caravans.

Haha get Tris to come over here, stings will be a custom when he
returns home, I know they are for me!

At least he's eager to work with you... or maybe not?

How did you manage to do that, did you sort that oil leak from the filter?

What do you mean Tris will "come good" in a year or two?

Who managed to do that, was Tris with you?

I am just uploading pictures I will send you a link later.

Speak to you soon


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