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Sold dadant hives & nucs

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May 30, 2016
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East lothian
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I have 7 dadant hives (no colonies) for sale along with 4 dadant nucs (no colonies) plus some extras.

Hives consist of

Varroa floor
Entrance block
removable alighting board
Brood box
Brood dummy board
Wooden framed queen excluder
Super dummy board
Crown board
Travel screen

There are also

4 further supers
4 super dummy boards
1 wooden framed queen excluder
1 crown board
1 travel screen
2 frames that can be put above or below a box to create beespace
A board that allows you to unite 2 nucs to a brood box or create 2 nucs from a brood box
A few dozen used frames

I also have 4 nucs which consist of

brood box
crown board
Deep Roof with space for feeder

Efb and afb free.

These are currently in storage and contain no colonies.

With the exception of a couple of the alighting boards which are usable but could do with being replaced, this is all in excellent condition, painted cedar and very solid.

I am looking for £160 per hive and £60 per nuc and I would prefer to sell this all in one lot.

If someone buys the lot, I will include all the extra bits for free including anything else I find dadant related, otherwise the extra supers, boards, frames etc can be negotiated.

Collection is longniddry in East Lothian.
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