Dadant hive varroa board mould.

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Apr 25, 2023
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Hello all.

We have a new Dadant hive that was populated from a nuc on the 16th of this month. Today we slid out the varroa board to have a nose.
There is a lot of debris under the original 5 frames and wax debris under the others.
Our concern is that tnere is also a fair amount of moisture on the board and white mould growing.
We have had it at around 20 degrees down to 10 or 11 at night with bright sunny days since the nuc was housed.

Is this normal? The varroa board is steel so i presume that the temperature difference in the hive to outside is promoting the condensation on the board. But do not know.

Is it worth cleaning the board and putting it back in or running the hive without it.

Appreciate any comments. Regards to all.

To be honest it’s pretty irrelevant probably just hive rubbish and pollen causing the mould. Wipe it off and put it back you needn’t do more.
Appreciate the reply Ian.
I only stick the board in when I want to monitor varroa drop( I know it is a poor indicator). If left in for a long time it becomes a lovely refuge for wax moth larvae, in this case, clean it off regularly

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