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i been using beetight for most of the summer. I really like it. i have an iPhone and use the barcode link system to update my records while at the apiary. Looking at what the creator has planned for the site it's going to develop into a really useful, and adaptable site.
I was told by the Inspector that when using proprietry varroa treatments I should record: Place/company supplying, Date purchased, lot number, Batch number, best before, date of use and result and if possible keep the receipt. Apparently if there is a problem with specific batches, damage to bees etc...these details would be needed by the powers that be... Oh well, such is the life of a beginner!!
I've started writing an iPhone app for my own use. I was considering whether it would be worth paying Apple $99 for the privilege of putting it on the app store. Would there be many takers on here? I'd probably make it a free app.

Back on topic. Be very wary of giving your hive locations to a third party. Even if the site owner is completely legit this is an internet facing server (ie open to attacks). The only website I would trust with my apiary locations on it is BeeBase and that's more of a compromise in that the benefits out-weigh the risks.

Having said all that I doubt there's many 'hacker-beeks' so it's really a trust issue with the website's owner.

You can sign me up for an app :willy_nilly: I knew there would be an app for that. ha ha
Seem to recall the developer took a vow of silence on the subject as he didnt want to be accussed of spamming the forum

It's true, I did, so I'll just add that if anyone has questions or comments, let me know on the support forum. I'm glad most people on here are so positive about it! :) I'm working on the native Android app at the moment, and will continue with the native iPhone app probably next week or the week after. They all use different programming languages, so I'm having to spend some time getting back into each of them!

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