Bees are not bringing pollen

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the colony is already weak and the bees are old and on their last legs, I should think it would be a while before thre are sufficient drones out there for a decent mating. You are just wasting good bees on an outside chance. one doomed to failure IMHO
If that is not a good idea then how about get a few bees from the good colony and unite them with the bad colony?
What is that going to achieve?
I don't want to unite the entire bad colony with a good colony.
Why not? they are not bad anyway, just doomed, by uniting them you are giving the 'good' colony a temporary boost at the time they need it most.
Thanks @jenkinsbrynmair

They don't work at all, that is why I call them bad bees. I don't see them going out or bringing any pollen. I am worrying whether it is because of some disease they are like that.
That is why I am worrying about uniting them.

They are always on the middle three frames and the side ones are left alone without looking after.
It looks like the only option left to save the bees is remove the queen and unite, otherwise I will gradually lose the entire bad colony.

Sorry, I did not understand the term "Introduce the queen to a gatepost"
Squish her, dispatch her, between thumb and forefinger, under your boot or by squishing her between thumb and an inanimate object