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We don't have "a cabinet" at all. Our POTS line, like everyone else's out this way, runs all the way back to the exchange.

Once the digital system is up and running, if they're delivering IP to the house (which is what I've always understood to be the case) and they're doing so over copper then presumably they need power somewhere on the pole to do it. And around here there won't generally be anywhere to get it from. So how will it be done?

Granted they could install cabinets, run power to them and run copper to houses from the cabinet, but there's no sign of that happening and in most cases there's not actually anywhere convenient to install a cabinet here. Almost none where there's also a usable power source. I'd guess that the preference would be to keep the copper runs short too because of the weight of the cabling, but again that wouldn't be practical around here because whilst there are a couple of clusters of up to half a dozen houses, in the main they're a fair distance apart.

I feel like I must be missing something vital about how it's going to work. I believe the road into Wiveliscombe is closed for a few days from today whilst Circet do some installation work for Openreach. Perhaps I should wander down and ask the engineers :D

We are pretty rural...and have fibre to the house from a cabinet about 0.5 miles away. There is a local media converter for the fibre to ethernet conversion followed by the router. I suspect the local cabinet is just an optical patch, though I've never looked. Trad ethernet is only good for about 100m - fibre should be usable up to 10km, depending on on type and mode.

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