A nice afternoon.

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Jul 28, 2008
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Hampshire uk
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What with the temperature being the best day so far this year and the sun shining I chose an hour this afternoon to do my queen clipping and marking,I did sweat a bit in the sun but it felt great out there.

I had 3 hives to do, 2 of them are now on double brood boxes as when I looked last week one had 9 frames of brood the other 10.

I managed to find and clip 2 queens but gave up after 10 minutes on the third hive.

I went through all 20 combs then back again,then had a better look at the centre combs as the bees seemed more relaxed on those frames.

I am happy the old girl is at home because of the amount of eggs present,The bees then told me my time was up and it was time to pop the roof back on.

Ah well next week it is then..
Lucky Bugger
Well i was stuck in a chuffing office, seeing things....
Sounds like the perfect afternoon. :)
It was bloody freezing here, 9 degrees at 12am. It finially warmed up about 4 for a blink of sun. It was 17 yesterday.

However we walked the dogs over the fields and it was lovely. We went a lot further than planned and found ourselves on last years rape site. The farmer thought he was not doing winger rape and I did have a wee peep earlier but oh boy does he havre it and on fields behind a locked gate! About 200 acres no less.

I am off to see him tomorrow and we will see if he lets me on again. He was well bribed with comb honey last year so fingers crossed.

it was freezing today for me, You could see your breath.

I hvae a big project on at work with a 600KW chiller unit and 500KVA generator to chill an heat exchanger, but compared to wednesday it needed less cooling.

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