A Few Pictures of my Girls Shopping Trips

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Apr 14, 2009
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Bridlington, East Yorkshire
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Just a few pictures taken today of my girls return from foraging trips, and one of my new nucs bees on the contact feeder before I got chance to refill it.
It doesn't look as if they need feeding judging by the pollen they are bringing in. :)

Nice pics. JC.
They ones on the feed are on new foundation and they have only been in the hive a few of days.Soon as they get it drawn out feeding will stop, or if they stop taking the feed.
I am going to report the bee in the centre of your second pic to the Bee Aviation Authority for exceeding max payload:) - with that pollen load it is not going to be a landing more a controlled crash - Nice pics of hard working bees.
:cheers2: Mike
Its got one hell of a lump of pollen there. Theres some good stuff going on in the locale.

Having seen that pollen, you may never have noticed it at them time of taking the pic.

This illustrates something I point out to people, when told to look for varroa some people find it awkward with the bees on the move etc, so what we sometimes do, is take some up close shots, and then study them when you are back home, not only do you get more time, but you have a much more magnified pic.

Anyone else do this?