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    Melting Wax

    Baim marie is ok for small amounts of beeswax but best way is in the oven. You can control the heat too. set to 80 degrees not more than 83 or wax will go grey and brittle. Take a large tin can like a large bean tin or a tin that marmande comes in. remove top and bottom. An old shirt or bed...
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    Bees ignoring the rule book!

    I had a problem with the most voracious robbing I ve ever seen back in september. In the end I decided that instead of losing them which I surely would have, I moved them over a mile away to a friends house where there have been safe ever since. Hooper says move the robbers ? yeah ok how do you...
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    Skin cream with beeswax.

    Thats good I m glad you did. I don't know about regulations either. But I m not into selling my cream. Although whats really annoying is that any moisturising cream that you buy does not have the contents on the label. most cream has animal fat in it- tallow. Anyway my thread is about passing...
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    Skin cream with beeswax.

    The ones that you can see the oil inside. I use any like that and get em from health food store.
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    Skin cream with beeswax.

    I really don't know, worth a try. There's something in calendula thats great for healing skin. Im only going by what I ve done. I know you will have to wait til next year to grow them but you can buy dried flowers off tinternet.
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    Skin cream with beeswax.

    I m posting this because after much experimenting with cream I have discovered a really great skin cream. Anyone else who has done like wise please post. 2 oz beeswax 300 ml olive oil 300 ml of purified rain water. plus 6 or so vit e caps. Nothing amazing so far however I grow Calendula or...
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    Mead recipe please

    mead a tip for mead makers. Look out for demi johns in charity shops I paid £1.50. each. :serenade:
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    Mentors offered in Southport

    I agree but if mcnulty wants to do it his/her way then then whatever. I wouldn't like a newbee to face a Langstroth without a mentor could be dangerous. We all remember the initial mistakes and to make an error on a big hive like that, well Southport A&E is nt far from Crossens. lol.
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    Mentors offered in Southport

    Hello Mc Nulty. As you can see you can get a lot of advice on here. My comments to you from what you've said so far. Personally I think Langstroth is not for beginners but hey throw yourself in the deep end you'll either sink or swim. Join the association you get the benefit of a monthly mag...
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    Laying workers

    laying worker? not worth the effort nothing will work. they will not accept a new queen as they believe they've already got one they will kill her. You could try the old dump them at a distance as it is said that the one's laying can't fly back. Then try re queening. I would remove hive to a...
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    Swarm collected and housed on Monday any advice?

    Find the original queen whether she's gone with the swarm or still in the hive. Keep her and re-unite. Then feed. They'll get over it.
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    I have wondered why every season the honeys take to the Balsam so late and I think I 've figured it out. I m surrounded by Balsam and I watch everyday as the Bumbles rattle it. But not the honeys or not yet anyway. As the Bumbles come to an end and start dying off the honeys come on it. Recently...
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    Mentors offered in Southport

    We are 2 beekeepers who want to take on a couple of newbees each season. We offer to teach in the evenings over the winter and help you through your first season and hopefully get you bees.
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    How much aggression is too much?

    We ve all seen that. Others will tell you to wait I m passed that, abad colony is a waste of space either requeen or remove hrh and unite later in season. I remember having to stand by the hose pipe using it on a fine spray to send them away.. NO NO NO.
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    from best hive to worst hive in 10 days?

    Don't do it. Sometimes the best course of action is no action at least for now. Be Patient. I found with mine recently they came to a dead stop while the weather changed.Now its warmed up again they're out full on.