Skin cream with beeswax.

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Apr 9, 2013
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I m posting this because after much experimenting with cream I have discovered a really great skin cream. Anyone else who has done like wise please post.

2 oz beeswax 300 ml olive oil 300 ml of purified rain water. plus 6 or so vit e caps.

Nothing amazing so far however I grow Calendula or marigold and collect the flower heads. Dry them but be careful not to leave in a sunny greenhouse too long or they bleach out. Add dried calendula to a large coffee jar pour in Olive oil and leave. Now I used to leave only a month but recently I left one for 4 months. The cream that it makes is incredible. will keep your skin very subtle and dare I say this reduce wrinkles. I have a friend with excema I make this for her and it keeps the problem down.

mETHOD.. In bain marie melt beeswax into oil add vit e caps. Not to hot gentle heat. Warm water. You can whisk the lot together by either pouring the melted beeswax/oil mix into the warm water or the other way round. But add very slowly like making mayonnaise. If you've got a mixer great. I use a soup maker that keeps the beeswax liquid enough to mix.

I buy little tubs to put this in but small jars will do but make sure they are sterile.....You will find that some of the water will run off when you've got the cream in the jars. Allow this. Keep in the fridge. Trust me better than anything you can buy..

you can add lavender oil (10 drops) or whatever perfume oil you choose.Add just before mixing. I don't as even lavender can aggravate sore skin. The cream will smell slightly herby.
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you can add lavender oil (10 drops) or whatever perfume oil you choose.Add just before mixing. I don't as even lavender can aggravate sore skin. The cream will smell slightly herby.

Sounds good, could marigold essential oil be used, if dried flowers were not available, and for quickness.
I really don't know, worth a try. There's something in calendula thats great for healing skin. Im only going by what I ve done. I know you will have to wait til next year to grow them but you can buy dried flowers off tinternet.
The ones that you can see the oil inside. I use any like that and get em from health food store.
Just remember that if you intend selling there are a whole load of regulations that apply to cosmetics. I am looking into this at the moment and its even more daunting than the honey regs.
this is one site that has a whole load of info I hope you will allow the link
the site is for soap making but covers lip balms and all sorts

The jist of it is your cosmetic has to be checked by a pharmacist that has their own public liability, you have to label it correctly using the correct names for the ingredients. Trading standards need to be informed and you have to register as a cosmetic maker. You have to keep files of what/when was made and so on you'll have to read the rest as it kept me awake for hours last night,thinking about it.

Making the stuff is the easy bit, I have made some really lovely soap but cant sell it as the fines if caught are huuuuge

Here is the legal cosmetic regs
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Didnt mean to highjack this thread its just a lot of people dont realise these regs are in place (me included).
Thats good I m glad you did. I don't know about regulations either. But I m not into selling my cream. Although whats really annoying is that any moisturising cream that you buy does not have the contents on the label. most cream has animal fat in it- tallow.
Anyway my thread is about passing on to others a really great use of beeswax.
We bought our licence last February at great cost and got an automatic upgrade in July when the EU changed the rules.
You now have to be registered on an EU database. You have to legally up load all recipes to the EU database along with details of your licence.
Lots of work initially but can understand why they are doing it as all hospitals have access to the database through their poisons unit.
This is to make sure there are no contra indications in ingredients. Uploading each recipe can take a good four hours or more due to the complex software they use.
Cream turning grainy

Have any of you experienced your homemade creams turning grainy. It only feels grainy the instance it is applied to your skin and then melts right in quickly. Just curious what I'm getting wrong as it was smooth when I made it.

Out of interest, does anyone know how much this EU license costs?
Have you gone it alone in getting this license or via the link you provided in your previous post?
I didnt pursue it any further at the moment as concentrating on building up my customer base with the honey.
You have to sell a lot of cosmetics to get the money back but if you have the custom then go for it.