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    Drone laying queen and queen cells

    Thanks Pargyle Good tip you are right no need to waste a whole frame. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Drone laying queen and queen cells

    No problem, the hive is still quite full of bees so I can steal a frame of eggs from another hive. Some of the capped brood does look like worker but the majority is drone. So they may have got a fertilised egg. I was just checking if they would only cap a queen cell with a queen in it. I will...
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    Drone laying queen and queen cells

    I am sure I am right in thinking but bees would not cap a drone in a queen cell. I have a drone layer and there is plenty of capped drone cells there is however 2 or 3 clear elongated queen cells which are capped. I was going to throw them out as I thought they would be to old to save after the...
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Went to check the hives today and all were bringing in loads of pollen all very active, spring has certainly sprung! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
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    Suggest best polyhive

    For people with Maisemore hives and vaping I made a tray that fits under the mesh floor and slides in where the varroa floor fits. I bought the cheap vape from Th***s. Pictures in the link below. I find I just had to put a...
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    Overwintered Nucs on 14 x 12 frames

    I am near Epping Forest in IG10 I have 5 Nucs on 14 x 12 frames that are all headed by 2018 Queens which were bred from my Carnica queens. I did a full inspection on all of them today and they are all on 3-4 combs of BIAS and 2-3 stores and pollen. Boxes are full of bees and they were all calm...
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    Time gentleman please...

    I started with 1 and then had two by the end of that year and I spent 1 hour a week checking through them in the summer and 1 hour a week staring at nothing moving through the clear perspex crown board in the winter (you laugh but I guarantee you will do the same). 2nd year I spent 1 hour...
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    Established queen 'piping'

    I have this currently in my hives and have had it every year for the last 3 years, it sounds like a high pitched buzzing/ pipping sound and it doesn't come from the queen it seems to come from the workers. I have held up a frame that i know doesn't have the queen on and heard it and when i pin...
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    Worst Year for European Hornets and Wasps?

    I have the same. I have wasp traps down and they are starting to fill up. Colonies all strong, but loads of bees guarding the entrances, even Nucs have at least 20 bees in a clump outside the entrances. Hopefully when the wasps turn to sweet feeding the bees will escalate the guard duties...
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    Orange pollen? Lime or Ivy....?

    Mine are bringing in orange pollen as well and I have noticed that after the rains around London the Privet seems to be getting ready for another round of flowering not as profuse as during June or start of July but all those flowers wilted in the heat so they are probably going to give it...
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    Superseding new queen bee

    Just to make it clear when I said give them a laying queen I was meant combining with a nuc I have as I have too many from splits and buying new queens to get rid of some nasty hives and then not combining to keep number of hives down.
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    Superseding new queen bee

    I agree I would normally wait about 6 weeks before I would do anything but I have too many hives and this was an excuse to combine to reduce numbers. But when she started laying I went soft and gave her a chance to see what see can do. But then the following inspection they are superseding her...
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    Superseding new queen bee

    Thanks Finman, I did think I might do that I have doubled the number of hives I had since last year so can combine with one of my queens that is already in full swing and yes I am sure that the workers must be on the older side now. Might be better than wasting time wondering what is happening
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    Superseding new queen bee

    I do have enough hives at the moment, good point though I suppose I could always recombine later if the first queen is doing well. Cheers
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    Superseding new queen bee

    Quick question which I am sure I know the answer to. I had a hive swarm and the new queen took over 4 weeks to start laying from when she hatched, I was on the verge of doing the hive tool test to replace her with a spare laying queen I have. I inspected Friday the 15th June and she had her...