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    2020 Queens for sale

    £35.00 plus postage, whether that's first or guaranteed next day. I judge temperment to be they are easy to handle, do not follow you away from the apiary.
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    2020 Queens for sale

    Every year I raise a few queens for my own use and this year I have a few spare 2020 queens available. They are local mongrel queens from my own stock. They have been laying for about 2 weeks in Apedia boxes and are doing well. So if anyone needs queens. The come from a hive based in the...
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    Queens for sale

    I have two spare queens ready to go. They are happy in apedia boxes at present, but will make up nucs at the weekend if necessary. They are good old fashioned mongels and come from colonies which have all the the right qualities that you would expect. The price is £35 which includes postage...
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    Poly Nuc Boxes & Wasps

    I have two poly nucs, which are PAINTED and both are occupied with a young laying queen, which I intend to bring through the winter. The wasps are still managing to eat there way through to the feeder even after I have blocked the holes up. The nucs are complete rubbish and the best course of...
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    wanted swarm or nuc devon/dorset

    Hi John, I have what you are looking for. I am in shaftesbury. Give me a call to discuss 07973385957
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    Look what I found

    What makes it more pleasing she came from a batch of queens I reared last year. It does make a big difference breeding queens from your best stock!! Shame I can't sort the weather out.
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    Look what I found

    When I went through the hive on the 25th April (first inspection) I came across an unmarked queen, I thought either its a new queen from late supersedure last year, or the markings have come off. So I marked with last years colour and clipped her wing. Then put the frame back, not expecting or...
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    Look what I found

    They are both last years queens. Yes the markings are correct.
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    Look what I found

    Only the second inspection this year and look what I found.
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    I've had great success with the cup kit system, so if you want to give me a call on 07973385957 we can discuss further.
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    Oxalic Results

    Checked the hives 24 hours after treating and the mite drop was horrendous, despite treating with Apiguard in August which was very successful after the 4 week treatment period and using hive clean throughout the active season which also worked well. I guess its due to the mild Autumn and all...
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    Chalkbrood is a fungus which is present in most hives, but the bees manage to get along just fine, however some strains are susceptible and the only cure is to requeen, which is a problem this time of year for obvious reasons (no queens available). So they may recover, but generally they won't...
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    Chalkbrood & Frame Sterilisation

    The only way to treat chalkbrood is requeen, change the frames if black and let the bees do the rest. its all down to the strain of bee, so requeening will sort the problem out. Obviously its to late this time of year as we move into the Autumn, but thats the way to go!!
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    Queens for sale

    Queens all gone.
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    Supersedure photo

    The bees are good old mongrel,s. I don't believe in buying in imported queens as you never know what the temperament is going to be one or two generations down the line. Breed from your best queen and see your stock improve year on year.