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    14x12 to standard brood box

    most relatively fit men and those not within that description include the ladies (thought I'd start with them) relatively unfit men and members of both sexes clever enough with their beekeeping to experience that it weighs more than 35kg. Even so I would not want to pick them up too often...
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    Mentor wanted - godalming

    Hello Did you find anybody?? Just spotted your OP If you still need a mentor, try a call to Guildford BKA - part of Surrey Bee keepers. A google search will find them regards FB ps nice part of the world. love that canal/river at Farncombe
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    14x12 to standard brood box

    Yes I appreciate that but I'm not a beginner!!!!! However, I would be interested in understanding HMs comment as I have a few of the abominal 14 x 12s myself. also the range of responses to the OP (some accurate and some not so) might assist the newbies already struggling not only with the...
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    14x12 to standard brood box

    Sorry HM but as this is a begin section question, you might like to give that one an explanation. what do you use for brood? Regards FB
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    14x12 to standard brood box

    osb RHM = Rose Hive Method ...OSB = cheap Chinese wood Norbord OSB is made in Scotland. Inverness I think? (and it ain't cheap)
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    Got my first out apiary. Any advice?

    Helen unless you plan to keep some bees elsewhere (like a nuc back in your garden) leave the smoker at your out apiary. IMHO buy a smoker per apiary. Nothing converts a family car to a beemobile (one that no one wants to travel in) more than the sticky yuk of wax and honey or the stink of a...
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    Got my first out apiary. Any advice?

    Spend some time working out the best place for your hives. It might be different to where the landowner wants them. Remember that once you have sited them it will be a real PITA should you decide there was a better spot after all good luck FB
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    Humanely killing bees inside a tree.

    Not an unreasonable situation. Most significant construction operations adopt the CITB card scheme based on certification and various cards CSCS CPCS UKPOR etc you can waste time googling that lot or emphasise that if you were responsible under H&S legislation for running a site that the chap...
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    Stings and mean bee's

    I haven't read all the posts so apologies if repeating. The Issue with the illustrated gloves could be static as well as hooking the bee's feet. I use a company called Just Gloves. Prices are reasonable for quality products and I buy enough to get free delivery I get cheap and cheerful...
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    Mouse guards and reduced entrances

    I have a particular large population of mice at two apiaries. they tunnel everywhere and I have had them prise the cheapo Txxxnes metal excluder off to get in as well as shift entrance blocks I have thought (and dismissed) traps both live and deadly to reduce the population.As I do also have a...
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    Where do people on here get their weather from ( websites etc,etc)

    you might like to try accuweather. web based. i just looked and it stated I can expect rain in 63 minutes! I'll time it lots of toys if you have nothing better to do like radar maps Cheers FB
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    A 100% Guaranteed Queen Introduction Method.

    pure AMM bought from breeders further south, ....so these would be Portuguese bees then? yes .. getting my coat right now!
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    New to commercial beekeeping

    Ouch ! referee?:rules: moving on - if a wind up, the answers are all good for anyone else considering enterprise beekeeping :rolleyes:
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    New to commercial beekeeping

    A first for the Beekeepingforum! Well Done Mike you have managed to post a question that has received a unanimous response !! - even the arch-protagonist himself (that will get the other 99% guessing) is in agreement. I could add numerous words of caution but consider two items 1. A business...
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    So what did you do in the spare room at 3am?

    lesson learned. On the paul daniels disappearing basket thing, it makes sense now :mad: to treat the " very limited stock" item as a seperate purchase. Get that done and paid for so it is yours. Then go back at a more leisurely pace and do the other stuff. On the subject of VFM of txxxxes...