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    New lad from Mansfield, Notts

    :welcome:What the bloody hell are you 2 herberts doing here?? you following me???
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    Sorry to be the bearer of news:sorry:, but I do this as part of my business, it doesn`t matter if the trap is new or old I have caught with both in the same treatment area. The only reason I would wear gloves is to keep my hands clean! in my experience with Duffus traps (tunnel) it is the...
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    Question about feeder

    I have bought a couple of these feeders. I think they are very good:)
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    I just wanted to say.

    Mine is very nice with Greek Yoghurt Bunnybee-smillie
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    Hedghogs suffering?

    Possibly rat poison but probably via a secondary poisoning route, slugs and snail eat an awful lot of bait left to take care of rodents but as they are molluscs they do not succumb to the poisons effects and hold quite a lot of the active ingredient in the soft tissue. Your better effect would...
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    Windsor Sale

    A much better day than the last one I attended, at least there seemed to be no potential for fisticuffs than the last one, I still managed to spend £600 though:nopity: Bunny:)
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Back with the girls to check progress and apply second apilife var, the`re busy the bloody feeder on one was empty and it was the large flat plastic feeder for thornes with at least 6 pints of syrup in, so the`re in the mood to party. Build them up for winter and hope for a better year next year
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    Bees build their own entrance

    Nature will always find a way Bunny
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    Look, I only assumed that the box was left out to be cleaned, there could be a perfectly reasonable explanation. I am not here to argue the point of the exercise the post was to demonstrate what happens when a robbing spree is under-way. Given that the site is totally free of any brood...
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    Yes I wish I knew everything as well, all forums are the same it appears, whatever the subject. Bunny
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    He whom is without sin bee-smilliebee-smillie I know this site, it is free of any problems, and the gent has been teaching and bee farming since the 1970`s I`ll take his word on that one. By the way not my bees, I`m just filming for use in my training for pest controllers Bunny
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    I think that there was not much forage on this day, this is not as busy as it was when I first turned up at the apiary. This box was put to one side for the girls to clean out before the frames went into the solar extractor
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    Out Apiary or garden ?

    I keep my swarms in the garden for 10 day and then move them to the out-apiary, I have the use of a spinney in the middle of farmland it`s out of the way and no neighbours or other issues to worry about. Yes I have to do some regular "gardening" with the petrol strimmer to keep the pathways...
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Checked the girls are ok and still taking in stores, combined one -Q colony with one very good strong one and to my surprise found that the buggers have filled up the deep box with stores in 9 days so now that colony are on 3 boxes going into the winter. This is a new one to me and I`ll keep a...
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    Xmas is coming

    I`ve just started my sloe gin with sloes from the freezer picked up last year, If I`m not too bladdered I`ll report on the quality when I start it:laughing-smiley-014