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    Two hives wanted for beginner

    I am in Lincoln and if that's not to far I can offer 2 x National Hives with bees on either 14x12 or standard frames. They are both in A1 condition. If your not sorted locally then mail me Info@balincoln.com
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    Bees in Derby/East Staffordshire

    Hi, Just sent you a PM
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    bees wanted east midlands, lincs

    Andy, I have sent you a private message.
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    Bees wanted West Mids

    Is Lincoln near enough ? If so mail me Info@balincoln.com
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    bees available If your still looking I have 3 colonies in Lincoln available, already appiguard treated and fed for winter. 2 are on 14x12 frames and the other is on national frames.. mail me if interested : info@balincoln.com
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    2 colonies (14 x 12) Available ~ Lincoln

    Locally bred bees for Sale ~ Lincoln I have 2 colonies both on 14X12 frames available now, each has a 2012 queen with a good temperament and laying well. 1 has all frames covered and is £200, the other has 7 frames covered and is £160. Loan brood box available on deposit or I can supply a...
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    2 Colonies available ~ LINCOLN

    I have 2 full colonies for sale - Standard National frames and bees. (Loan brood box available on deposit) 1 has a 2011 queen and the other one has a 2012 queen Both have good temperaments £140 per colony. Delivery within local area possible, by prior arrangement. mail me info@balincoln.com
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    2 Over Wintered Colonies in Lincoln For Sale.

    Hi I am sorry but 2 "NewBees" locally have snapped up my offer. If you are wanting a 6 Frame Nuc, again with over wintered bees, I may be able to help.. just mail me at "Info@balincoln.com" Ref:Nuc... Many thanks for the interest shown.
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    2 Over Wintered Colonies in Lincoln For Sale.

    I am looking to reduce the number of hives I have and therefore wish to sell 2 National Hives (Ply) each with an over wintered colony and a 2011 queen. Buyer to collect from Lincoln, however delivery within local area could be arranged. Any and all sensible offers considered.