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I think this time of year is the best time to start gaining some hands on experience. At this time of year bees tend to be a bit more frisky and therefore it's a good opportunity to find out how you react to a sting. If you can, try and find a bee keeper local to yourself and see if they will let you go along to help/watch.
And another one . . .

I'm in very much the same position and thanks for the advice.

I've contacted the local Association and will join them at their meetings to make contacts and visit real hives.

I guess the frustration of waiting for next Spring is a symptom of the difference in pace between my day-job and beekeeping: "Why don't you come along to our next meeting in 2 weeks' time (wax moulding) and then start on a two-year course at our apiary before getting your own bees?" - Arghhhhhh!!!

Thanks again for the forum info, everybody. Good luck, MrB - let's stay patient :)