What time did flying cease?

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Feb 27, 2009
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West Midlands
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If the weather in your area of the UK is fine and not windy, can you let me know what time the bees returned home and stopped flying please.

The sun probably went down at around 6pm today. I am interested in actual observations, and not theories or conjecture, so please if you don't see it, don't report it. Observations for the next couple of days would be fantastic.

Being reasonably near to the equinox, the difference in sunset between the south of England and Scotland is not very different at the moment.
Thank you all
Yesterday, weather bright, strong winds with gusts, temperature around 10-12c, wind chill in the morning, winds eased afternoon. I noticed Bees ceased flying around 3.30pm with a few straglers around until 4.30pm. N. Ireland

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Thanks Busy Bee,
Between 1.5 to 2.5 hours before sundown then. This is exactly the sort of metric I am looking for. Is it obvious that I haven't got my own bees, yet? :cheers2:
Can't tell you when they stopped for the night yesterday, but don't assume that it is always a certain period before sundown. At this time of year they will be out when the sun warms them, and longer when the day is particularly warm. Cold breezes or rain sends them in anytime. Amm do tend to forage in poorer conditions. And sometimes (rarely) they may continue foraging through the night if it is warm and there is something worth going out for.

They are still flying well now despite the lack of sun :)

A couple of my mongrel hives are more than happy to continue if its raining.
My bees are still flying now at 17:50 in London, as long as there's enough light around they'll be out.

My bees aren't AMM and cold breezes don't seem to worry them much. Some were flying in Feb when there was all that snow, and as long as the rain isn't heavy they'll be out.
Bright morning, light breeze(bees very active)8-10c, clouded over, temp dropped wind chill, bees stopped flying around 1.30pm odd bee until 5.00pm

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The last stragglers at an out apiary were coming in loaded with pollen at 6pm when I left as it was too dark to see what I was digging @ my allotment in Bucks.

oh, and they are local mongrels and a greek buckfast colony - both equally active...
Well, my mongrels here in Tayside were still bringing pollen in when I last looked at 5 pm. Don't know what the temperature was, but it felt pretty cool and there had been no sun today.

Last stragglers coming in 5:10 pm here in Sussex. Temp max today was 63. They started at 8:40 this morning - I can watch them from my lounge as I drink my coffee:)
On inspection I have now lost 3 hives this winter - one to nosema and 2 had just lost queens and dwindled so I combined them, as they were healthy.
My 5 remaining hives are good and loads of brood - and drone brood too.
They are just stopping here now. Was hot for March today - 20C. Only a couple still drinking at the pond. The goldfish looks VERY fat and active. Perhaps their loss is her gain.

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