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KISS - keep it simple .....

1.5 or 2 litre water bottle, cut top off at the neck. Invert said cut off top into rest of bottle. Tape together with ducktape. Punch 2 holes on top for string to hang it up. Put a dessert spoon of jam 2 teaspoons of vinegar and about 200 - 300ml water. Stir a little. Hang out near hive. Cost - very little.

I have four of these around my hive (within 1 metre) and they are full of moths, hornets and wasps. Oh and no bees in there. My bees are free(ish) of trouble. I had no idea of the size of a hornet compared to a bee until I started keeping bees this year!

Hope this helps
Oh I forgot - if you use and insecticide (Frontline) other than on a dog or cat, you're using it illegally and should you be found out ......... you'll get your wrists slapped. Oh yeah - it's also irresponsible!!!
Many of the "Frontline" type of "spot on" flea treatments are our old friends - neonicotinoids........bee-smillie
Do you think it's likely that bayer & co will get there wrists slapped for acting irresponsibly then Bros.......
Nah - BIG Pharma - trust me I know....they bury their mistakes!

What....a bit like all the farmers they Buryied with organophosphates.
wasp and nest killer

make a box about 1 ft long and 6 inchs square (educated imerial) put a partition and divide the box in the middle,have the top of the box removable i.e.lid,drill a hole in one end and fit a canadian bee escape (cone type)to allow the waspes in but not out,do the same in the centre partition to allow the wasp into next compartment but not back to the bait then make a hole out of the end for them to escape,fill the first compartment with bait and the second with ant of similar powdwer. the idea being the wasp enters for food then leaves via the ant or wasp powder taking the poison back to the nest so destroying the nest.


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