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I collect all my neighbours' bags of leaves (They think I am a little strange). I also take 2 bin bags with me when I walk the dog at this time of the year and fill those with leaves from where they naturally pile up on the streets. I drop them off at the allotment on my way home.
I use leaf mould for mulching and making composts for seedlings in the spring.

What's really annoying is seeing people burn leaves. It should be illegal!
what gets me going is that people dont know what they have, and they then get rid of them, they seem to only want compost in clean bags for thier flower borders.
there are so many uses for them at my allotment. i wonder if i can get the lads that drive the dustin lorry to stop off at the allotment???
On the outskirts of Cambridge is a very large centre that compost the green waste and cardboard for South Cambridgeshire. The plus point is you can drive down with a pick-up or car with trailer and take as much as you want of very warm well rotted compost for free, take as much as you like, as often as you like :cheers2:

Its great on the allotment and we even did a trail bed of just the compost and grew great carrots, rocket and salad leaves.

We also take the small amount of time to make our own compost too, which we mix with used straw.

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