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Feb 16, 2009
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Hi there i'm new to the forum & beekeeping so i dont know if this question has been aired before. I've read ted hoopers book, "bees at the bottom of garden", seen a video or two and joined the county bee group. so far so good. I hope to take delivery of a nuc in mid April. My question is this; which is the best way to defeat swarming ? Everyone seems to have a different view on it & it's something i'd like to get settled in my head before i get going. Thanks in advance
Here are good advices. http://maarec.psu.edu/pdfs/Swarm_Prev_Control_PM.pdf

1) Try to find a stock which is not earger to swarm
2) keep enough room for expanding colony
3) bad weather and lack of work make them swarm

Every colony makes queen cell cups but it is not sign of swarming.

Check hives every week during swarming time

If you see queen cells with milk, make a false swarm.
Don' start to break them. It will not help and makes things worse.

Look more from google "swarm control"
Hi pb
Dont waste your time trying to "Defeat" a swarm, you will not quash natures instinct, what you can do is minimise the risk, and what i am trying to do in my first full season is read the signs, and react accordingly, the books help, but also talk to those more experienced.
Regular inspections, queens age, space, weather, food & forage, disease etc, im sure you will be fine, if you are unsure just ask, the guys and gals here have helped me frequently.
Deep breath time.

"Defeat". Impossible.

Swarming is reproductive behaviour and after breathing and water is the most powerful instinct.

Beekeeping is about guiding behaviour.

Note "Guiding"

Best wishes


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