Sniffer honey bees trained to detect Bombs

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I don't know how I feel about that :( Poor bees stuck in those boxes. I assume that's how they live their life. Who thinks up these ideas?
Not sure that I'm too keen on the idea. I don't like the thought of confining social creatures in separate compartments, and calling the thing a "cassette" rather divorces it from any sense of it containing a living being :(
It was their little heads stuck out that upset me. They shouldn't be used in this way. Dogs can be trained for this purpose, yet still lead happy lives. Why do this? :(
This has been developed over several years.

Some were 'trained' to forage near to explosives chemicals and then tried as indicators for land mines. Not sure if it worked out but must have been more than 5 years ago when trials and studies were advancing.

Beekeepers love their bees but are told they exploit them...if that is so - what the hell does this count as ???? Pure cruelty!
Years ago the russians trained dogs with bomb packs on there backs to go under oppositions tanks but the thing was the russian trained them with thier own tanks so when the dogs were sent out to battle they went under the russian tanks and blew them up. Just a bit of info


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