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Aug 16, 2009
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Rutland (UK)
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just to say helo new to this forum today. would like to know what you sell you sections and 8oz cut comb for. Many thanks Stubee
Why, for eating of course!!

Sorry, couldn't resist - just been reading the lightbulb thread.

Welcome to the forum.

I don't do sections or even cut comb, but I would say as much as you can get for them.

Prices would depend on whether this is wholesale or retail, and on supply or demand.

What do you sell them for?

Regards, RAB
PH is the man to ask about this I believe. He's given up extracting to only produce cut comb I think.
Hi Stubee,welcome to the forum.
We have a few members that do cut comb,but as its the holiday season and they make so much money from it they have all gone off for a couple of weeks in the sun.
My cut comb is selling at £4-50 per 8oz for blossom that is not Heather.

Err no Admin, and umm language, tut, we were in South West Scotland in the rain having a brill time in the Motor Home. Only a week though. Roll on Jamaica though....

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Cheers poly and the others does any body sell sections. I do not wont to let them go cheap its hard to get the bees to work them. many thanks Stubee
Got my first Heather Honey this year (from the Peak district). Beutifully capped.
Wish I had taken more hives up, but hey.
I sell my bottled stuff to my local farm shop, they sell all I can give them no trouble, with £1 mark up (1lb jars) at £3.50
What is a fair price for my cut comb heather? It weighs on ave 10oz net.
The weight varies slightly, guess due to the fact that the bees have a mind of their own. It is a "natural product" after all. Cheers, Buzz Lightyear
I would consider your pricing to be much on the light side.

If your cc is weighing in at that much then consider pricing by the gram, or in bands of grams.