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May 9, 2020
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My sole hive attempted to superseded their queen and unfortunately she didn’t return from her mating flight. I have given her 3 weeks undisturbed to begin laying and still there are no eggs or larve present. The workers are beginning to fill the brood cells with honey and drone cells. With this cracking weather we have been having I have done two, very thorough searches of the hive and there is no sign of her. The bees are definitley more agitated, I'm certain that the hive is not queen right.

So I am in a difficult position with no eggs for my hive to raise a new queen and since I only have the one hive I can’t transfer in a frame of eggs. I know no other local beekeepers, otherwise I could try and get a frame with BIAS.

Does anyone please have any overwintered queens or some freshly mated queens for sale and if so can you post to Northern Ireland?

Many thanks for your time.

Kind regards,

What happened to the old queen?

I'm not sure. The hive is in my garden so I know that no swarming occurred. I'm concerned that I rolled her during an inspection (although I am very careful when working the hive).

When exactly did the new queen emerge?

My best estimate is 02/04/21 - 04/04/21. During my inspection on the 01/04/2021 the cell was capped and had the ring forming on the cap. I then closed up the hive and left it undisturbed until Saturday & today.